Welcome to Perfect Pitch Records, the home of new electronic music, specialising in unsigned artists across all dance genres


Perfect Pitch Records – What we do

Perfect Pitch Records has been set up by music enthusiasts for like minded people to be able to release good music without needing to get signed by a big record label. We can output your song/track through many of the big music download sites without you going through all the headaches, once it’s released it’s up to you how you promote and sell it.

Get your music released

We are currently looking for new artists, singers, songwriters and producers to be part of Perfect Pitch Records. If you have a track and would like to release it then get in touch. If we like what you are doing then we maybe able to offer you a deal or publish your track for you. We are also looking for singers and songwriters to work with on upcoming projects.

We can master your mixes, produce remixes and design all your artwork, ready for releasing

please contact us for more information.