Theo B
Producer, Remixer, DJ, Managing Director of Perfect Pitch Records.
Theo B has been a Dj and producer for nearly 20 years, Starting off by producing Rave music in the early 90’s with a AKAI sampler and an Atari 1040ST running an old version of cubase and has since progressed to Drum & Bass, Breaks & Dub Step, producing his own written material and remixing for artists around the world.
His first rave was Reincarnation at Crystal Palace in 1992 which inspired him to develop his art. In 1995 he ran a pirate radio show and played on the underground warehouse party scene with Siren Sound System. Mastering the art of mixing & scratching with vinyl, Theo B now uses DVS systems to perform and utilises the latest in DJ technology to enhance his DJ sets and although he is known for his technical dj style he knows how to please the crowd with great tune selection and tight beat mixing.
In March 2012 Theo B launched Perfect Pitch Records with the release of his latest Drum & Bass banger, Planet Krypton.


Producer, Remixer, Creative Director of Perfect Pitch Records.
db3K is a Dance music producer, remixer and designer based in South London, UK.
In 1998 he began mixing records and went on to play in local clubs, bars and many parties. With a passion for music he started producing music, covering genres from Drum & Bass to House. Working with other producers, musicians and singers to create original UK dance music, bootlegs and remix tracks.
In 2001 he co-founded Council Recordings, a record label specialising in Drum & Bass. The aim was to promote and distribute their own tracks as well as take on new and struggling artists. To promote the label they put on various club nights all over the UK, providing DJ’s and live PA’s of their current and future releases. At the time the Council Recordings artists were creating a unique sound, blending smooth female vocals, Rap, Rock guitars and 180 tempo beats.
db3K released his first remix in 2010 called Talk to Me on the House of Dwongo label.


MC Bomber
MC/Rapper, Songwriter and Lyricalist.
MC Bomber started raving at the age of 16 in venues such as Lazerdrome, Paradise Club and many more. As the rave scene progressed, the MC element began to evolve and became popular. With his other musical tastes such as Dancehall and Hip Hop, becoming an MC appealed to him.
Listening to MC’s of the day such as Ragga Twins, Stevie Hyper D and Skibadee motivated him to pick up the mic.
MC Bomber’s Drum & Bass music taste varies from Liquid to the darker element of the Drum & Bass scene. He is known for his quick double time pace but can slow it down for Hip Hop and Ragga flows so people can experience and enjoy his lyrical journey through the music.
MC Bomber is now a resident MC for Moondance, Definition, Jungle Mania, London’s Calling, Son Of Dance and many more.
With his love and passion for writing lyrics he has now teamed up with Theo B and has written and performed on the track Rising, out now on Perfect Pitch Records.